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Visitor Information

Cedar Hill welcomes visitors for nature walks, bird watching, jogging or other quiet recreation. All visitors are requested to respect the solemnity of the cemetery and to observe its rules when visiting.

Using the Cemetery Grounds

Entrance is through the main gate only.

The gate is open daily from 7:00am to dusk.

Dogs should be kept in vehicles at all times.

The cemetery office is open Monday- Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

Jogging is permitted only before 9:00am and after 3:00pm.

The following activities are not allowed:

  • skating, sledding, tobogganing or snowmobiling;
  • picnicking, swimming, sunbathing, horseback riding;
  • off-road motorcycle riding, objectionable loitering or the use of alcoholic beverages.

Cutting or injuring trees, shrubs or flowers or disturbing birds or wildlife is strictly prohibited.

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