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Notable Residents

cedar hill cemetery hartford ct - Katherine Hepburn Memorial

Cedar Hill Cemetery is the final resting place of numerous politicians, industrialists, writers, actors, artists and educators. Below is a listing of some of Cedar Hill’s most notable residents.  Click here to download a printable version of our Guide to Visitors brochure. To read a brief bio, click on the person’s name.

Cedar Hill Cemetery is the final resting place of many distinguished and notable individuals.

Among them are Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy under President Abraham Lincoln.




Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, founder of the American School for the Deaf;





Samuel Colt, founder of Colt Industries and inventor of the famous Colt 45 revolver;



The Rt. Reverend Thomas Church Brownell, presiding Episcopal Bishop of the United States and founder of Trinity College;





Isabella Beecher Hooker, half-sister of Harriet Beecher Stowe and19th century leader of the women’s movement;


Hartford dentist and discoverer of anesthesia, Dr. Horace Wells;




Internationally-acclaimed poet Wallace Stevens;





The world-famous financier and philanthropist J. P. Morgan;




Yung Wing, Chinese scholar, Yale graduate and founder in 1872 of Hartford’s progressive and innovative Chinese Educational Commission School.  Although Chinese conservatives abruptly terminated the Commission in 1881, the nine years the Chinese scholars studied in Hartford gave China her first generation of the 20th century railroad builders, engineers, medical doctors, naval admirals and diplomats;





and the incomparable Katharine Hepburn.






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