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Cedar Hill Cemetery & Foundation

Board of Directors


  • Todd S. Mather, Chairman and Assistant Treasurer
  • Sandra A. Lee, CFA, Secretary
  • Peter Arborio
  • Ruth Shapleigh Brown
  • Anne Burwood
  • Coleman H. Casey, Esq., Honorary Board Member
  • Kevin Chick
  • Samuel P. Cooley, Honorary Board Member
  • Thomas Foley
  • Gordon B. Fowler
  • William F. Griswold, Jr., Honorary Board Member
  • Beth I. Gardner
  • Russell H. Jones
  • Kay Long
  • William MacDonnell, DDS
  • Leonard (Len) Oberg
  • William B. Parent
  • David F. Ransom, Honorary Member
  • Connie B. Robinson
  • Charles E. (Buck) Rogers, Jr.
  • Todd Root
  • Barbara Taylor, Esq.




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