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Welcome to Cedar Hill Cemetery

cedar hill cemetery hartford ct - gate post Established in 1864, more than 32,000 people have chosen Cedar Hill Cemetery as their final resting place. Encompassing 270 acres, Cedar Hill serves as an incomparable sanctuary for each of these people as well as for memorial artworks, Hartford history, welcomed wildlife, and the many visitors who come to remember loved ones and tour the grounds.

Since its establishment, Cedar Hill’s mission has been to provide “the promise of rest and peace for the dead, satisfactory to the most cultivated taste of the living and made forever secure as a sacred trust in the care of a perpetual corporation.”

In 1999, Cedar Hill Cemetery Foundation was established to preserve the art, history and natural resources of Hartford’s historic Cedar Hill Cemetery in perpetuity.

The Foundation, which is a private, nonprofit organization, accomplishes its mission by restoring and preserving the historic architecture, restoring and preserving the historic memorial artworks, caring for the picturesque trees and plants, preserving the natural resources and wildlife, and offering arts, culture and heritage programming to the community.

cedar hill cemetery hartford ct - Entryway signCedar Hill Cemetery & Foundation work together to preserve this beautiful, historic and unique place of remembrance to ensure it continues to welcome visitors for generations to come.

Today, Cedar Hill’s Board of Directors and staff continue to identify new ways to maintain the Cemetery’s high standards of service and safeguard its heritage.

To learn more about Cedar Hill’s world of art, culture, history and nature, call, email or visit Cedar Hill Cemetery.

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